Robin Round Tournament Format Explained

This is a tournament where each participant plays all other participants both at home and away.


The robin-round tournament is commonly referred to as an all-play-all tournament since all teams play one another by the end of the round.

Number of teams

Nearly all Round-Robin rounds consist of 4 teams for most tournaments except national premier leagues.


The results are tabulated in the popular football table according to the points earned per game.


Teams earn points as follows. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss.

A Tie

What is a tie in the Robin-Round tournament? A tie occurs when at the end of the Round attain the same points.

Tie Breaker

What happens in the case of team tie-points? First, is goal difference. The team with higher goal difference is declared a winner.

If GD is the same, the tie-breaker involves the number of goals scored. The team that scored more goals is declared the winner.

For example, Team A and B have GD 5 each.

Football Tournaments Playing Robin- Round format

All major national leagued and group stages of major continental competition play Robin-Round tournaments.

Tournaments: Some of the major tournaments using this format include UEFA Champions League Group stages, Europa League group stages, AFCON, and CONCACAF.

Leagues: All national leagues in the world play Robin-Round Format. Popular National leagues include English Premier League (EPL), La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A.


Robin-Round is termed as the fairest in football competition especially if compared to a knock-out format.

Why? For two main reasons. First, Round-Robin eliminates chances of luck. Secondly, No prior seeding which critics and fans have accused of favoritism and corruption.

Therefore, in Robin-Round format each team has the chance to play all other contestants at home and away. Seeding has in the past been criticized for brassiness.


The major disadvantage of Robin-Round format is time. It takes longer to complete the rounds compared to elimination where half of the teams are eliminated in each match played. However, fairness wins here.


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