Football Families: Fathers and Sons in Football

Football is a lucrative venture perhaps that’s why you will find fathers and sons in football.

  1. Danny Blind (father) and Daley Blind (son)

Danny Blind, born on 01/08/1961 (58 years) was a defender. Similarly, Daley Blind, born on 09/03/1990, is a former Manchester United defender and current Ajax defender.

  1. Diego Simeone (father) and Giovanni Simeone (son)

Diego, born on 28/04/1970 (49 years), is a former midfielder and current manager of Atletico Madrid. Contrarily, his son Giovanni, born on 05/07/1995, is a number 9 striker currently for Fiorentina.

  1. George Weah (father) and Timothy Weah (son)

George, born on 01/10/1966 (53 years), was a lethal Arsenal striker and the current Liberia president. Just like his father, Timothy, born 22/02/2000 (19 years), is currently a Paris Saint Germain striker.

  1. Henrik Larsson (father) and Jordan Larsson (son)

Henrik, born on 20/09/1971(48 years), was once a Barcelona striker. Jordan, born on 20/06/1997 (22 years), is currently playing at IFK Norrkoping.

  1. Mark Chamberlain (father) and Alex Chamberlain (son)

Mark, born on 19/11/1961 (58 years), was a right-winger. His son Alex, born on 15/08/1993 (24 years), is also a midfielder at Liverpool

  1. Mike Okoth Origi (Father) and Divock Origi (son)

Mike, born on 16/11/1967 (52 years), started as a defender but switched to a striker later in his career. Mike’s son Divock, born on 18/04/1995 (24 years), is also a striker currently playing for Liverpool.

  1. Nick Barmby (father) and Jack Barmby (son)

Nick, born on 11/02/1971 (48 years), was an attacking midfielder. Similarly, Jack Barmby, born on 14/11/1991, is a left-winger currently playing for San Antonio FC in Major League Soccer.

  1. Rivaldo Ferreira popularly Rivaldo (father) and Rivaldo Ferreira Junior is popularly known as Rivaldinho (son)

Rivaldo, born on 19/04/1972 (47 years), was a lethal striker in Barcelona. Rivaldinho, born on 29/01/1995 (24 years), is currently playing at Levski Sofia.

  1. Paolo Maldini (father) and Daniel Maldini (son)

Paolo, born on 26/06/1986 (49 years), was a lethal defender. Contrarily, his son Daniel, born on 11/10/2001 (17), plays number 10 at AC Milan.

  1. Peter Schmeichel (Father) and Kasper Schmeichel (Son)

Peter, born on 18/11/1964 (55 years), was a Goalkeeper. Kasper, born on 05/11/1986 (33), is also a Goalkeeper in Leicester City.

  1. Patrick Kluivert (father) and Justin Kluivert (son)

Patrick, born on 01/07/1976 (43 years), was a striker. His son Justin, born on 05/05/1999 (20 years), is currently a Roma striker.

  1. Souleyman Sane (father) and Leroy Sane (son)

Souleyman born on 26/02/1961 (58 years) was a striker. Leroy born on 11/01/1996 (23 years)Robbie Fowler isĀ also a lethal striker at Manchester City.

  1. Zinazine Zidane (Father) and Enzo Fernandez (son)

Zidane, born on 23/06/1975 (45 years), was a former world-class midfielder, the current Real Madrid manager and a champion league icon. Similarly, Enzo, born on 24/03/1995 (24 years), is currently a midfielder at Laussane-Sport.

That is a list of some famous fathers and sons in football. Perhaps you have noticed that most sons in the list are playing in the same position as their fathers did. Perhaps the reason you hear the phrase like father like son.


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