2019 Europa League Final: Arsenal & Chelsea Road to Baku

The 2019 Europa League Final will be Arsenal vs. Chelsea. This will be the first time English teams will be meeting in the UEFA Europa final.

In this article, we will look at how the two teams made it to the finals. Before we start the analysis, we have a simple question for you. Do you understand the Europa league structure?

If no, we recommend you first visit Europa League Structure to understand how the league is formatted. If yes, let’s start with Arsenal.

Arsenal Road to the 2019 Europa League Final

 Arsenal Joined Europa League competition in Group Stages as per Europa League format.

 2018/2019 Europa League Group Stages: Arsenal  Fixtures & Results

UEFA draw pooled Arsenal in Group E alongside the following teams.

2019 Europa Group E
Arsenal England
Sporting CP Portugal
Qarabag FC Azerbaijan
Vorskla Poltava

2018/2019 Europa Group E: Arsenal Fixtures and Result

Europa Group stages play the Round-Robin tournament format. Therefore, Arsenal played the other three teams both at home and away. Below are Arsenal’s home and away match results in Group E.

Date  Home Team Scores Away Team
20/09/2018 Arsenal 4-0 Vorskla
04/10/2018 Qarabag 0-3 Arsenal
25/10/2018 Sporting CP 0-1 Arsenal
08/11/2018 Arsenal 0-0 Sporting CP
29/11/2018 Vorskla 0-3 Arsenal
13/12/2018 Arsenal 1-0 Qarabag

2019 Europa League Group E Standings 

Just like Arsenal, the other 3 teams played two-legged matches both at home and away. Below were the Group E the standings at the end of group stages on 13th December 2018.

Team MP Points
Arsenal 6 16
Sporting 6 13
Vorskla 6 3
Qarabag FK 6 3

Robin-Round tournament dictates the first two teams proceed to the next stage. Therefore, Arsenal and Sporting Lisbon proceeded to the Round of 32. On the other hand, Vorskla and Qarabag FK exited the competition.


After group stages, Europa enters the knock-out stage. As the name suggests, the losing teams are knocked out of the competition. The Mode of play is a two-legged match at home and away.

Europa Knock-out phases have 4 stages that include Round of 32, Round of 16, Quarter-finals, and Semi-finals.

Europa League Round of 32: Arsenal Fixtures & Results

Leg Fixtures Home  Scores Away 
1st 14/02/2019 BATE 1-0 Arsenal
2nd  21/02/2019 Arsenal 3-0 BATE

Europa League Round of 16: Arsenal Fixtures & Results

UEFA draw paired Arsenal and BATE (Belarus). The two played knock-out matches in March. Below are the fixtures and the results.

Leg Fixtures Home  Scores Away 
1st 07/03/2019 Rennes 1-0 Arsenal
2nd  14/03/2019 Arsenal 3-0 Rennes
Aggregate Arsenal (3-1) Rennes

Though arsenal lost in the first leg, they overturned the deficit and kept a clean sheet. A 3-1 aggregate propelled arsenal to the semi-finals.

2019 Europa League Semi-Final: Arsenal Fixtures & Results

UEFA semi-final draw paired Arsenal and Valencia. Many fans thought this was the match that would knock-out Arsenal for two reasons.

First, Arsenal exhibited poor form in the premier league at the time. Secondly, Valencia was a tougher team compared to the other teams Arsenal had played before.

Contrarily, Arsenal would win the match in a substantial aggregate. Below are the fixtures and the results.

Leg Fixtures Home  Scores Away 
1st 02/05/2019 Arsenal 3-1 Valencia
2nd  09/05/2019 Valencia 2-4 Arsenal
Aggregate Arsenal  (7-3) Valencia

Despite the doubts, Arsenal won the semi-final in the very biggest goal aggregate in the 2019 competition.

Moments later after Arsenal won the Semi-finals, their London rival’s Chelsea won their semi-final fixtures on penalties.

Let’s now look at how Chelsea made it to the finals.

Chelsea Road to the 2019 Europa League Final

Just like Arsenal, Chelsea joined the 2019 Europa League at Group stages. More details as to why can be found in the Europa league format. UEFA draw pooled Chelsea in Group L alongside 3 other teams as shown in below table.

2019 Europa Group L
Chelsea England
BATE Belarus
PAOK Greece
Vidi Hungary

2018/2019 Europa Group Stages: Chelsea Fixtures and Results

As explained in the Europa League structure, the mode of play in the group stages is the Round-Robin tournament format. That means each team in Group L played the rest in two-legged home and away matches. Below tables shows Group L results.

Fixtures Home  Scores Away 
20/09/2018 PAOK 0-1 Chelsea
04/10/2018 Chelsea 1-0 Vidi
25/10/2018 Chelsea 3-1 BATE
08/11/2018 BATE 0-1 Chelsea
29/11/2018 Chelsea 4-0 PAOK
13/12/2018 Vidi 2-2 Chelsea

2019 Europa Group L Standings 

Team MP Points
Chelsea 6 16
BATE 6 9
Vidi 6 7
PAOK 6 3

Chelsea topped the table without losing any match. As per the group stages rule, Chelsea and BATE proceeded to the knock-out stage. Let’s see how Chelsea performed in the Knock-out phase.

2019 Europa League Round of 32: Chelsea Fixtures and Results

UEFA draw pairs teams in a draw from Europa round of 32 through to semi-finals. Then, each pair plays two-legged home and away matches. The team with a higher aggregate is declared the winner. Chelsea was paired with Malmo In 2019 Europa League Round of 32.

Below are the fixtures and results at Stamford Bridge and Stadion.

Leg Fixtures Home Scores Away
1st 14/02/2019 Malmo 1-2 Chelsea
2nd  21/02/2019 Chelsea 3-0 Malmo
Aggregate Chelsea (5-1) Frankfurt

Having beaten Malmo both at home and away, Chelsea won the knock-out on a 5-1 aggregate. Chelsea would then proceed to the round of 16.

2019 Europa League Round of 16: Chelsea Fixtures and Results

In 2019 Europa Round of 16, UEFA paired Chelsea with Dynamo Kyiv. Chelsea had a convincing home and away win the fixtures and results are as follows.

Leg Fixtures Home Scores Away
1st 07/03/2019 Chelsea 3-0 Dynamo Kyiv
2nd  14/03/2019 Dynamo Kyiv 0-5 Chelsea
Aggregate Chelsea (8-0) Frankfurt

2019 Europa League Quarter-Finals: Chelsea Fixtures and Results

The quarters were paired just like Round of 16. Chelsea was paired with Slavia Prague. The fixtures and results are as follows.

Leg Fixtures Home Scores Away
1st 11/04/2019 Slavia Prague 0-1 Chelsea
2nd  09/05/2019 Chelsea 4-3 Slavia Prague
Aggregate Chelsea (5-3) Frankfurt

Chelsea won the quarter-finals both at home and away basis.

2019 Europa League Semi-Final: Chelsea Fixtures and Results

The Semi-final draw paired Chelsea and Frankfurt. This is the only game that almost knocked out Chelsea out of the competition. Both home and away matches ended in a draw. Luckily, Chelsea won on penalties. Chelsea Semi-final Fixtures and Results were as follows:

Leg Fixtures Home Scores Away
1st 02/05/2019 Frankfurt 1-1 Chelsea
2nd  09/05/2019 Chelsea 1-1 Frankfurt
Penalties Chelsea (4-3) Frankfurt

Chelsea narrowly won the semi-final on penalties. In the meanwhile, Arsenal won the semi-final against Valencia. By the end of the penalties, it was clear it was all English in the 2019 Europa League final for the first time in history.

2019 Europa League Final (Arsenal versus Chelsea)

On Wednesday, 29 May 2019, Chelsea vs. Arsenal will battle it out for the finals at Baku Olympic Stadium,  Azerbaijan. We will update the with match review later. Stay tuned.


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