2019 Champions League Chronology

The 2019 Champions League Final is an English affair just as was the 2019 Europa League finals on 29/05/2019 at Baku.

This article has two sections. First, are the 10 facts that make the 2019 final special from the rest of the champion league finals since 1956. Secondly, it is Liverpool and Tottenham’s road to the final.

Kindly read to the end to understand why it is luck that Liverpool and Tottenham are in the 2019 Champions League final.

Let’s go.

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Below are 10 unique facts about the 2019 Champions League final 

1. It is the 64th Champions League Final in the European competition

The 2019 Champions League final is the 64th since the inception of the competition in 1956. The Competition was referred to as European competition.

2. It’s 26th UEFA Champions League final

UEFA rename the European competition from European Cup to Champions League in 1992. Therefore, the 2019 final will be 26th since the renaming.

3. It’s 6th Final Played by Clubs from the same country

Teams in the same country have only played champions league final 5 times in the past. They include:

  1. Milan vs Juventus (2003)
  2. Manchester United vs. Chelsea (2008)
  3. Bayern Munich vs Dortmund (2013)
  4. Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid (2014)
  5. Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid (2016)

4. It’s the 2nd Final to be Played by English Teams

It is the second time two teams from England are playing the Champions League final. >Manchester United and Chelsea where the first English teams to play Champions League final in 2008.  Manchester United won (6-5) after penalties.

5. The final Venue is The Atletico Madrid’s Home Ground 

The 2019 Champions League final will be played at Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, Madrid, Spain. The stadium capacity has a capacity of 67,829.

The stadium was first owned by the Community of Madrid. The community handed over ownership to Atletico Madrid in 2013.

However, Atletico first used the stadium in September 2017 after 4 years of renovations.

6. It’s the 1st Champions League finals for Tottenham after 63 years

Tottenham has never been in champion’s league final since the inception of the competition in 1956. Therefore, this is the biggest milestone for Tottenham.

7. It’s the 9th  Champions League Final for Liverpool

Liverpool has played European finals 8 times before as follows 2018 (lost), 2007 (lost), 2005 (won), 1985 (lost), 1984(won), 1981 (won), 1978(won), and in 1977(won).

Therefore, Liverpool has won 5 and lost 3 Champions League final. Will Liverpool win the 6th title? Time will tell.

8. It’s the 4th Liverpool Final after Heysel Stadium Disaster

Are you aware that Liverpool was banned from the Champions League for 6 years from 1985 to 1991? The club fans were found guilty for causing Heysel Disaster in 1985 finals. Since then, Liverpool has played finals in 2005, 2007, & 2018.

9. It’s the 5th Final to be Hosted in Madrid but 1st outside Santiago Bernabeu

Madrid city has had the privilege of hosting 4 champions league in the finals since inception. However, all previous finals were hosted in Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid home ground.

This is the first time Atletico’s home ground, Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, has hosted the finals. Santiago Bernabeu hosted the finals in 2010, 1980, 1969, and in 1957.


10. Both Liverpool and Tottenham Were Almost Knocked Out in Group stages. 

Yes. It is luck Liverpool and Tottenham are in Champions League final. Why? both teams just survived. in Group stages. Below is how.

As for the Liverpool PSG topped Group C with 11 points. Liverpool and Napoli tied at 9 points with an identical goal difference (GD) of 2.

Liverpool had scored 9 goals and conceded 7. Whereas, Napoli scored 7 goals and conceded 5. Therefore, Liverpool just survived on having scored more goals than Napoli. 

Similarly, Tottenham survived on scoring more goals. Interestingly, Tottenham and third-placed Milan had identical wins, draws, losses, GD, and points.

The difference was that Tottenham scored 9 goals. Whereas, Milan had scored 6 goals. Again, scoring more goals propelled Tottenham past Group stages. For sure it is lack both teams are in finals. More details are in the analysis. Stay tuned. 

Liverpool and Tottenham Road to the 2019 Champions League Final

How did Liverpool and Tottenham advance to the 2019 champions league final? Below is a summarized analysis of fixtures and results and how they came about. 

Note that this analysis is based on the UEFA Champions League structure. You can find all the details of the 

Both Liverpool and Tottenham joined the Champions League at Group stages. 

Let’s start with Liverpool

Liverpool Road to 2019 Champions League Final

Liverpool Entry into 2019 Champions League Group Stages

As explained in Champions League Format England teams Join UCL at the group stages phase. 

UEFA draw pooled  Liverpool in Group C alongside Napoli (Italy), Red Star Belgrade (Serbia), and Paris Saint Germain (France). 

The mode of play in Champions League group stages is the Round-Robin format. That meant Liverpool would play home and away matches against other teams in Group C.

Disclaimer: We will abbreviate Red Star Belgrade as (RSB) and Paris Saint Germain as (PSG).

2019 Group Stages: Liverpool Fixtures and Results

Liverpool vs Napoli

Leg Fixtures Home  Scores Away 
1st 03/10/2018 Napoli 1-0 Liverpool
2nd  11/12/2018 Liverpool 1-0 Napoli

Liverpool vs Red Star Belgrade (RSB)

Leg Fixtures Home  Scores Away 
1st 24/10/2018 Liverpool  4-0 RSB
2nd  06/11/2018 RSB 2-0 Liverpool

Liverpool vs Paris Saint Germain (PSG)

Leg Fixtures Home  Scores Away 
1st 18/09/2018 Liverpool 3-2 PSG
2nd  28/11/2018 PSG 2-1 Liverpool

2019 Champions League Group C Standings

Team MP W D L F A GD Pts
PSG 6 3 2 1 17 9 8 11
Liverpool 6 3 0 3 9 7 2 9
Napoli 6 2 3 1 7 5 2 9
RSB 6 1 1 4 5 17 -12 4

The first two teams in the group stage standing proceeds to Round of 16 knock-out stage. Therefore, Liverpool and PSG proceeded to the knock-out stage. Though Liverpool had just survived the group stages as explained earlier.

2019 Champions League Round of 16: Liverpool vs Bayern Munich Fixtures and Results

UEFA Draw paired Bayern Munich and Liverpool. Many Liverpool critics believed this was the end of Liverpool in the competition given that Bayern Munich is a very tough team. Below are the fixtures and the results.

Leg Fixtures Home  Scores Away 
1st 19/02/2019 Liverpool 0-0 Bayern
2nd  09/04/2019 Bayern 1-3 Liverpool
Aggregate Liverpool (3-1) Bayern

Liverpool home fixture ended in a barren draw. Many believed Liverpool will not turn the tables at Allianz Arena. However, Mane(7′), Salah (34′) and Sturridge (83′) goals in the second leg put Liverpool in a 3-1 aggregate to proceed to the quarter-finals.

2019 Champions League Quarter Finals: Liverpool vs Porto Fixtures and Results

Another UEFA draw paired Liverpool vs Porto for the quarters. Obviously, this was an easy fixture for Liverpool. A 6-1 aggregate propelled Liverpool to the semi-finals.

Leg Fixtures Home  Scores Away 
1st 09/04/2019 Liverpool 2-0 Porto
2nd  17/04/2019 Porto 1-4 Liverpool
Aggregate Liverpool (6-1) Porto

2019 Champions League Semi-Finals: Liverpool vs Barcelona Fixtures and Results

Almost every football fan predicted Liverpool exit when UEFA draw paired Barcelona and Liverpool in semi-finals. This became clear when Suarez (26′) and Messi (75′ & 82′) scored 3 goals at home.

Leg Fixtures Home  Scores Away 
1st 01/05/2019 Barcelona 3-0 Liverpool
2nd  07/05/2019 Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona
Aggregate Liverpool (4-3) Barcelona

Most Liverpool fans had lost hope in advancing after huge first-leg defeat. However, Origi (7′ & 79″) and Wijnaldum (54′ & 56′) 4 goals would stun the world to overturn the deficit. This will remain one of the biggest come back against Barcelona in Champions League.

That is how Liverpool found themselves in the 2019 Champions League Final. For sure, “You Will Never Walk Alone.”

Let’s see Tottenham

Tottenham Road to the 2019 Champions League Final

Having never been to any Champions League final, no one believed Tottenham will be in the 2019 final.

How then did Tottenham advance to the finals? Stay tuned and read to the end, we have all the breakdown.

Tottenham Entry into 2019 Champions League Group Stages

Just like Liverpool, Tottenham Entered champions at group stages. UEFA draw pooled Tottenham in Group alongside Barcelona (Spain), Inter Milan (Italy), and PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands).

2018/2019 Champions League Group Stages: Tottenham Fixtures and Results

Tottenham vs. Inter Milan Fixtures and Results

Leg Fixtures Home  Scores Away 
1st 18/09/2018 Inter 2-1 Tottenham
2nd  28/11/2018 Tottenham 1-0 Inter

2019 Tottenham Vs Barcelona Fixtures and Results

Leg Fixtures Home  Scores Away 
1st 03/10/2018 Tottenham 2-4 Barcelona
2nd  11/12/2018 Barcelona 1-1 Tottenham

2019 Tottenham vs. PSV Fixtures and Results

Leg Fixtures Home  Scores Away 
1st 24/10/2018 PSV 2-2 Tottenham
2nd  06/11/2018 Tottenham 2-1 Napoli

A summary of Tottenham 2019 Champions League Group Stages Fixtures and Results

Below is the summary of the above fixtures in the order they were played.

Date  Home Team Scores Away Team
18/09/2018 Inter 2-1 Tottenham
03/10/2018 Tottenham 2-4 Barcelona
24/10/2018 PSV 2-2 Tottenham
06/11/2018 Tottenham 2-1 PSV
28/11/2018 Tottenham 1-0 Inter
11/12/2018 Barcelona 1-1 Tottenham


2018/19 Champions League Group B Standings

Below is a table showing the group B stages.

Team MP W D L F A GD Pts
Barcelona 6 4 2 0 14 5 9 14
Tottenham 6 2 2 2 9 10 -1 8
Milan 6 2 2 2 6 7 -1 8
PSV 6 0 2 4 6 13 -7 4

Clearly, just like Liverpool, Tottenham survived in Group stages by having scored more goals.

As shown in the below table, Tottenham and Milan had similar points results including wins, draw, losses, Goal Difference, and points.

Again, the importance of scoring more goals clearly manifested. Just imagine, Tottenham survived by having scored 9 goals as compared to 6 that Milan had scored.

2019 Champions League Round of 16: Tottenham vs Dortmund Fixtures and Results


Leg Fixtures Home  Scores Away 
1st 13/02/2019 Tottenham 3-0 Dortmund
2nd  05/03/2019 Dortmund 0-1 Tottenham
Aggregate Tottenham (4-0) Porto

2019 Champions League Quarter Finals: Tottenham vs Manchester City Fixtures and Results

Again, Tottenham survived the semi-finals according to many soccer fans. At the time of the draw, Manchester City was very lethal in Premier League. The reason many believed Tottenham will not survive the semis. 

Leg Fixtures Home  Scores Away 
1st 09/04/2019 Tottenham 2-0 Man. City
2nd  17/04/2019 Man. City 1-4  Tottenham
Aggregate Tottenham (4-4) Man. City

2019 Champions League Semi-Finals: Tottenham vs Ajax Fixtures and Results

A semi-final draw against Ajax challenging at easy fixture for Tottenham. A 4-3 aggregate with three away goals was massive. However, Tottenham comes back to score 3 goals after ajax scored 2 goals in the first half was breathtaking.

Leg Fixtures Home  Scores Away 
1st 30/04/2019 Tottenham 0-1 Ajax
2nd  08/05/2019 Ajax 2-3 Tottenham
Aggregate Tottenham (4-3) Ajax

The 2019 Champions League Final Venue

The 2019 Champions League final will be at Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, Madrid on June 1st, 2019.


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